Special trainings

Organization of technical specialist training


Drive-Position specializes in organizing special events for companies.

Drive-Position is an expert in organizing specialized trainings for professionals, special services, forest services, technical and rescue teams, employees of automotive companies, technical universities and any organization whose employees have contact with off-road vehicles and specialized equipment.
Our facilities and experience allow us to organize any training that requires the use of specialized equipment, special driving techniques, knowledge of the capabilities of extreme off-road vehicles and technologies related to their operation.

Facilities, experience and instructor team

Thanks to our instructor staff, extensive experience, specialized workshop and our fleet of vehicles, we are able to provide you with training in any field of use of the practical equipment we have on a daily basis.
The construction of mechanisms, principles of operation, safe operation of accessories, design parameters and their impact on the vehicle’s capabilities – with particular emphasis on off-road driving, are just some of the examples of the topics we are able to cover during our training.
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Conference rooms, catering and event zone in the facility

Our facility, team, equipment base and proximity to the very center of Warsaw are an excellent base for organizing all kinds of trainings that will introduce many technical issues and – most importantly, in a safe way, under the supervision of qualified staff, will allow for practical testing of the topics covered.
We have fully equipped conference rooms, a relaxation area, our own catering, 4,000 meters of outdoor event space, a professional workshop, and an off-road track with a fleet of powerful off-road vehicles.

Drive-Position customers are our best showcase

Our potential has been appreciated by countless brands – often with global reach.
We have organized and continue to organize events of various types – sometimes very different, but our experience and the modular offer we can offer allow us to successfully complete subsequent orders and have dozens of dedicated, regular customers.
Product and service premieres, presentations, training, conferences, press events, integration events, technical training, dealer meetings, special events for companies and more are Drive-Position’s specialty.