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Company and integration events in Warsaw

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We organize integration events for companies. We have many proven game and competition scenarios. building positive relationships in teams, training teamwork skills, strengthening morale and the sense of independence and responsibility in the form of attractive activities.
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Our facility has an event space of several thousand square meters. There we organize attractions related to driving powerful 4×4 cars, quads, and for those interested, also motorcycles. We have a fleet of machines and provide protective clothing of the highest quality. It is a unique diversification of meetings, trainings and presentations.
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In addition to advanced conference infrastructure, outdoor event space and an off-road track, our facility has a modern go-kart track with a new fleet of vehicles. It is a fantastic addition to corporate meetings of any kind. Competition on the track in one of our formulas is also an important element of integration events.
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The Drive-Position team has many years of experience in organizing corporate training. Conference rooms, modernly organized lobby spaces, catering, ready-made lesson plans and training day scenarios. This is one of our greatest advantages. We comprehensively deal with every aspect of a company meeting, training and presentation.
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Our facility has an event space of several thousand square meters. In addition to our specialty, which is off-road driving and related attractions, we organize large and small outdoor events. Our space and facilities allow us to separate attractive catering zones, attraction and entertainment zones, and adapt them to special requirements.
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We have modernly equipped conference rooms that meet even the most sophisticated requirements. Trainings, premieres, presentations, company meetings and press conferences – we are able to organize all activities that require specialized needs related to presentation at the highest level.
Drive-Position is a comprehensive event offer for companies and enterprises.

Huge experience and own logistics facilities.

The Drive-Position brand was designed without compromise for corporate events. We have our own facility, conference rooms, catering facilities, 4,000 square meters of outdoor space, an off-road track, a fleet of powerful off-road cars, motorcycles, quads, one of the largest karting tracks in Warsaw and an experienced team that can plan any event.
We are absolutely self-sufficient, and our extensive and comprehensive facilities allow us to organize events and corporate events of the highest quality. We have influence on every element of the event, we do not have to employ subcontractors, and therefore maintaining the highest, repeatable quality is not a problem for us and is our advantage.
We have organized and continue to organize events of various types – sometimes very different, but our experience and the modular offer we can offer allow us to successfully complete subsequent orders and have dozens of dedicated, regular customers.

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