Drive-Position Events

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Integration and corporate events at Drive-Position

The most comprehensive event center in Warsaw

The Drive-Position brand was launched without any compromise as a perfect, comprehensive event-spot for the companies.
We have our own facilities, conference rooms, catering equipment, 4,000 meters of outdoor space, an off-road track, a fleet of off-road vehicles, motorcycles, quads, one of the main karting tracks in Warsaw and an experienced team able to convey any event.
We are absolutely self-sufficient, and wide and wireless access to devices allows us to organize organizations and company events that ensure quality. We have influence on every element of the event that is not subject to subcontractors’ wear and tear, and therefore maintaining repeatable quality is not a problem for us.

A modern event space close to the very center of Warsaw

Drive-Position is perfectly connected to the very center of Warsaw. We are located almost in the immediate vicinity of the ring road.
In addition to our attractions – an off-road track and rides, a go-kart track, conference rooms, catering spaces, etc., we have a large parking lot.
Our considerable advantage is the reception and “concierge” service available to our clients throughout the duration of the event.
Nothing is impossible for us, and each of our events is designed individually, according to the needs and budgets of our clients.

Our potential has been appreciated by countless brands - often with global reach.

We have organized and continue to organize events of various types – sometimes very different, but our experience and the modular offer we can offer allow us to successfully complete subsequent orders and have dozens of dedicated, regular customers.
Product and service premieres, presentations, training, conferences, press events, integration events, technical training, dealer meetings, special events for companies and more are Drive-Position’s specialty.
Off-road driving on various types of quads or professionally prepared, powerful Nissan Patrol cars. Outdoor events with relaxation and activity zones, catering sections or a specially prepared space for presenting products, cars or organizing individual activities.
Modern conference rooms, equipped with the equipment necessary to conduct training, presentations or conferences.
A modern, most famous go-kart track in Warsaw with a track extending beyond the hall.
Catering and social facilities. Reception, large parking lot, easy access and the most experienced team in Poland – this is a guarantee of a successful integration or any corporate event.